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Development over time

The firm was founded in 1991 by the current owners and managing directors, Prof. Dr. Roland Schuler and Brigitte Schuler. Right from the beginning, our focus was on the care of companies and their shareholders. We provided these companies with professional support for business and tax advice, and their year-end audits to fulfill the statutory obligations. This clear focus on companies and their shareholders has given us a clear position in a market that values this specialization.

At the end of the 90’s, came the strategic decision to expand the firm and consulting competence to an international level. This strategic move also resulted in our membership of the international accounting association, which in the meantime is globally known as PrimeGlobal. The success of our clients at the national level could now be increased through international consulting.

The successful, global growth of our clients also led to the strong growth of our firm, which is established in the market as a middle-sized firm specializing in business optimization, tax advice, and company audits.

To support this growth and the necessary specialization at an expert level, the partnership was expanded in 2003 to include Mr. Ingo Linn, Certified Public Accountant, and later in 2017, Mr. Swen Jünger, Certified Public Accountant.

In addition to these two shareholder partners, the firm then began to employ further accountants and tax advisors as well as auditors and tax advisor assistants, and other professionals to support the various areas of a modern and advice-oriented auditing and tax firm.

Spatial development

The development of the firm also led to another development… an expansion. This led us to move from our first premises in the historical area of Aachen-Kornelimuenster to our current location several years ago. Our new premises are located in the technology oriented commercial area of Aachen-Oberforstbach, with a motorway close-by enabling expeditious connections to airports and clients in and around Aachen or beyond. Reserved parking is available for our clients and employees.

We have a professional work atmosphere, in which our employees feel at ease, and have the room for creative development of solutions on challenging tax and business matters. Last but not least, the proximity to technology oriented companies helps us in our ambitions to use the most modern technical possibilities to serve our clients in the areas of payroll, financial accounting, controlling, and preparation of annual financial statements.

Professional development

In the meantime, to add to our continuous focus on consulting commercial enterprises and their shareholders, our firm has become active in the area of non-profit organizations. This combination, especially with the proximity to the RWTH Aachen, a university with the German „University of Excellence” designation, carries considerable and strategic importance for our activities.

The proximity to the university, leads us to service, not only established companies, groups, and non-profit organizations, but also provide start-up companies with optimal consulting to get them on their way to independence.

This allows us to always stay in touch with the latest technological developments for consulting on business optimization, which we, in turn, can pass on to our established clients to further their growth and instill new ideas.

As we have always done since the founding of our firm, our goal is to make our clients more successful.